Welcome to the world of working time accounts and pension solutions

The demographic alteration is a huge challenge to society and corporations. Flexible working time and employee retention/-motivation are essential factors of success due to the shortage of skilled human capital. Working time accounts have established themselves as a socially compatible, self-financing early retirement solution. They are the answer to the extension of working life and can help to minimize the costs resulting from the demographic changes taking place today.

Institut für Zeitwertkonten und Pensionslösungen AG is a long-timeexperienced, Germany-wide leading consulting firm for working time accounts and pension solutions with clients in small/ -medium-sized businesses as well as in affiliated groups. We specialize in the preparation, implementation and support of working time accounts and pension solutions, as well as in the tax-neutral removal of pension commitments for all sizes of enterprises. We invite you to explore the fascinating possibilities in the world of working time accounts and pension solutions at dizAG.

Please be aware that regulations might differ in other countries. For further assistance visit the German homepage or feel free to give us a call. (more)



Pension commitments - a ticking time bomb

Better rating, favourable credit terms, clean balance sheet – removal of pension commitments